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Meet the Author: Isabella Norse

Author Isabella Norse

Let’s welcome author Isabella Norse today. I’m glad to have met this talented, kind woman on Twitter and enjoyed reading her books too. Here’s more about Isabella.

Sue: How did writing come into your life? Were you always a writer?

Isabella: I’m a bit of a late bloomer as a writer. Stories have always been a part of my life. I’ve been an avid reader as long as I can remember. I was first introduced to creative writing by my 9th grade English teacher and it was love at first write. After that, I longed to write stories but my self-doubt and perfectionism always interfered. I used marriage, children, work, and basically everything as an excuse to not even try. Then, I discovered the world of fan fiction when researching something for my favorite video game series. I thought “I can do that” and I did! My stories received favorable feedback from readers which gave me the encouragement I needed to begin writing original stories. Sue: What’s your writing process like? Any rituals that you follow?

Isabella: No rituals. Unlike many authors, I don’t listen to music while I write. I’m easily distracted by sound so I need peace and quiet. As long as I have my laptop and Molly, my feline “mewse” I’m good to go. Prior to retirement I wrote in the evenings after dinner. Now, I’m free to write during the day which has been quite freeing. Sue: I love my feline mewse too!

So what do you think is the best part of being a writer? And what’s the worst part of it?

Isabella: I’m a pantser, meaning that I don’t outline my stories in advance. When I begin a new project I know who the main characters are, how the story begins and ends, and random bits in between. I love the magic that happens as those random pieces come together into a cohesive story but my absolute favorite part is when something happens that I didn’t expect which then takes the story in an new direction. (My husband still doesn’t understand how this happens but trust me, it does.) The worst part of writing is the marketing. As someone who is both an introvert and shy, the “hey look at me and this thing I did” required by marketing is just this side of torture. Sue: Tell us about your most recent release or what’s coming soon.

Isabella: I have two stories coming out in the next few months. The next installment in my Kudzu Korners sweet paranormal romance series is under contract with Fire Star Press. I’m eagerly awaiting a release date. I also have a short story, The Kitten in the Manger, which will be included in Finally Home, an anthology of Christmas-themed romantic short stories which will be released in December by Bienvenue Press. All proceeds from the sale of Finally Home will go to animals in need. Animal rescue is a big part of my life so I’m thrilled to be a part of this anthology. Sue: Quick fire round Your favourite authors…

Isabella: Ann Aguirre, Catherine Anderson, S K Dunstall, N K Jemisin

Sue: Your favourite genre to read…

Isabella: Sci-fi

Sue: Your favourite fictional hero…

Isabella: Kyle Reese in The Terminator

Sue: Your favourite fictional heroine…

Isabella: Ellen Ripley in the Alien movies

Sue: Coffee or tea?

Isabella: Coffee, usually decaf (Yes, I can hear people gasping in horror).

Sue: Beach or mountains?

Isabella: Mountains Sue: What can your readers expect from you next?

Isabella: All of my stories to date have been fantasy, paranormal, or contemporary romance. However, my husband and I took an extended road trip this summer and I fell in love with the Midwest, especially South Dakota. So, my next series will be historical western romance. I’m working on the first book, Cassie’s Choice, now and am so excited about this series!

Sue: Wow. Good luck! 🙂



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