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Meet the Author: Summerita Rhayne

Today on the blog, we have Summerita Rhayne, a prolific Indian indie author whose books are a must read for romance readers. Let’s learn more about her.

Sue: So tell us how you started your journey as a writer. 

Summerita: Thanks for having me at your blog, Sudesna. I might sound trite in saying this but I have always wanted to be a writer. My pet daydream as a teen was to put away my books and read novels or to plot stories and write them. I even started to write and had a diary where I wrote the details of my characters. This continued till my thirties when I had a sudden inspiration to do something about it. I entered a few writing contests and won them too. This was a great encouragement and started me off on my journey as an author.

Sue: Tell us a bit about your latest release and what inspired you to write it.

Summerita: A Twist of Fate is a historical set in post Vedic India. It was a time when the girls education began to suffer and the society began to show definite signs of discrimination against females. Even then, they had many rights but they were limited to respectably married females. My book deals with the shades found under the veneer. It’s difficult to say what inspired me to write it. I had finished writing Against the Tide which dealt with the similar issue of royal courtesans. I was planning to write its sequel A Secret Tie and in fact started writing the first chapter. During that I wrote how the spy Yashita who is the heroine helps the hero, the King to find out who was plotting against his friend. Suddenly what I wrote seemed to have the potential to be a full fledged story. I still had no idea of the characters. Would you believe it that I was listening to a Hindi movie song and the whole just clicked into place? Of course I had to write everything but still the story or its theme just clicked into place. Still I resisted it, because I was set on writing A Secret Tie, but Charu and Deva are pretty determined and had to have their story told first. *grin*

Sue: Do you have any writing rituals that help you?

Summerita: I have a lot of procrastinating rituals lol. I put on Netflix, I scroll through Facebook, I even check my dashboard and then when I can’t escape, I start writing. Seriously, I don’t have any procedure. Any time I find to myself, I pick up my phone and start tapping.

Sue: What do you do when you’re not writing? And how do you de-stress after a writing spree?

Summerita: When I’m not writing, as I said above, I have many delaying tactics. Otherwise I have a job as a professor which keeps me busy. I love to read a lot, both novels and writing craft blogs. It helps to learn the perspectives of different writers. I used to blog about writing craft and those posts cam be found at I also watch series and romcoms like Friends, Suits, Two Weeks Notice, The Proposal etc.

Sue: Time for a quick fire round.

Your favourite fictional hero…

Summerita: I read a lot of Agatha Christie and without doubt if you talk of characters, Hercule Poirot is one of the most brilliant ones ever etched. In romance, my vote goes to Freddy Standen in Cotillion by Georgette Heyer. He’s my favorite because he’s totally different from the usual spate of dominating and rakish heroes in romances.

Sue: Your favourite fictional heroine…

Summerita: My favorite fictional heroine is Hermoine Granger. Who doesn’t love her? She’s sharp and smart. She doesn’t give up and deals with her disappointments realistically. In romance, I like best the quiet natured heroines of Georgette Heyer novels like Hester in Sprig Muslin (a great book even if more focus is on secondary characters) and Phoebe in Sylvester. Can you tell I’m a fan of Heyer?

Sue: Your favourite books…

Summerita: Pride and Prejudice, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Talisman Ring, Right Ho Jeeves
Sue: Your current read…

Summerita: Cousin Kate by Georgette Heyer 

Sue: Coffee or tea?

Summerita: Tea in the morning, coffee at noon 🙂

Sue: Beach or mountains?

Summerita: Beach. I love Goa and have penned a Christmas series around the holiday season there.

Sue: What can your readers expect from you next?

Summerita: A Secret Tie, the third book in the historical series will be out soon. It is about Yashita, a spy who has worked for seven years for the King but now wants a steady life of domestic bliss, and King Hitaksha, who wants her to complete a mission first. Their past and the feelings between them pose a threat to their present goals.

Get your copy of A Twist of Fate here:


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