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Meet the Author: Sudha Nair

Sudha Nair

I am lucky to have bestselling author Sudha Nair on my blog today. She has written some wonderful stories and has won a major publishing contest, so she is no stranger to you bookworms. Here’s more about Sudha.

Sue: Thanks for joining us today.

So, you went from writing code to writing bestselling books. How did that happen? Tell us about your journey.

Sudha: For me, writing was born out of a need to find creative fulfillment. My journey began about eight years ago when I wrote my first short story for an online literary magazine. My coding career had ended a long time ago, and I was a stay-at-home mom. I needed something meaningful to do for myself, besides raising kids.
From writing short stories to writing my first novel was a natural progression. Then sheer luck struck when my debut novel, The Wedding Tamasha, became a bestseller and won the 2017 Amazon KDP Pen to Publish contest. From there, there was no looking back. By then, I’d wanted to start a career in writing, and that was the perfect break for me.

Sue: What inspired you to write the Menon Women series? And tell us a bit
about the latest book.

Sudha: This series is about the Menon family which is headed by patriarch,
Prabhakaran Menon. He has two daughters and a son. The concept of a family of three siblings is based on my own family. Apart from those similarities, the characters are nothing like us in real life. In fact they are as different as possible from each other and the people I know in real life.
I did not have a series in mind but I just wanted to tell the youngest daughter, Shweta’s story. That was how The Wedding Tamasha was born. After that, I made a natural progression to tell the older daughter, Neha’s story, with a second book called Priyamvada & Co.
The third book is about the eldest granddaughter, Ria. It’s called About the Summer. I chose to tell Ria’s story, because she was more prominent in the first two books, and I could continue her mother’s story from the second book.

About the Summer is a story of two people from different generations who deal with falling in/being in love in their own unique ways. Ria’s mother, a widow, teacher, actor, among other things, is involved in the world of cinema, and wants to keep her daughter away from the gossip (of being a single mother with a lover) as much as possible. Young 20-year-old Ria is coming to terms with yearning for a father in her life, and dealing with falling in love herself for the first time over the summer. The plot has some unexpected twists and turns, and brings in a lot of themes that I think are relevant to our current times.

Sue: What kind of writing rituals do you follow?

Sudha: I set aside time to write every day whether I write or not. I include reading as a part of my writing ritual, which includes reading for fun as well as reading in order to study writing. I do some free writing and meditate every day.

Sue: What are the pros and what are the cons of the writer’s life?

Sudha: Pros:
Living my dream of making fiction come alive on the page.
Meeting wonderful friends/writers who share the same passion.
Feeling loved by my readers and interacting with them.

Curbing frustration when characters don’t tell me their story, or I’m
Feeling like the days have been fast-forwarded.
Sometimes, the hours spent alone at the keyboard.

Sue: Time for a quick fire round.

Your favourite authors…

Sudha: Jojo Moyes, Sophie Kinsella, Chimamanda Adichie, Arundhati Roy,
Jhumpa Lahiri, and many others.

Sue: Your favourite books…

Sudha: The Girl With A Pearl Earring, The Last Letter From Your Lover,
Memoirs of a Geisha, The Girl He Left Behind, The God Of Small Things,
among others.

Sue: Your favourite fictional hero…

Sudha: Vikram Mathur—my own version of Darcy. A little prickly but with a
heart of gold, from my book The Girl With A Secret Crush

Sue: Your favourite fictional heroine…

Sudha: Shweta Menon—a crazier version of Elizabeth Bennet—intelligent,
beautiful, bold, impulsive, and with a mind of her own, from my book The
Wedding Tamasha

Sue: Beach or mountains?

Sudha: Beach

Sue: Coffee or tea?

Sudha: Tea

Sue: What can your readers and fans expect from you next? And when?

Sudha: I’m constantly churning stories in my head, and there are several ideas
going on at the same time. So the short answer is, I don’t know what’s next
and when.

My readers can reach me through the contact page on my website If you want to hang out with me, or have questions about my books, or just want to have fun, you’ll find me at my Facebook page – SudhaNairAuthor, or on Instagram @sudhagn. I really love interacting with readers, and would love to hear from you.

Sue: Good luck with your writing and hope we can read your next book ASAP 🙂

Sudha’s latest book

Get your copy of Sudha Nair’s latest book here:


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