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Book Spotlight for “How to Weave a Theme into your Story” by Ruchira Khanna


A theme is considered the heart or the ‘big idea’ of the story. It expresses the meaning through a plot and the character’s journey in every novel, play, short story. 
This book will give you tips on how to go about creating a motif for your fictional story — step by step. The questions asked here will help you weave your plot around your theme. So, that next time, when someone asks you, “What is your book about?” You can respond in just a sentence rather than giving a mini-plot synopsis.


The three most important elements of style are: Choices of Words, Fluency of Sentences and Voice.

Words of Choice

Some authors use short words deleting out the unnecessary explanations while conveying the exact meaning. It’s like keeping the readers on the path with no distraction to lead them to their destination of the topic discussed above. They rarely use adverbs; they use adjectives sparingly while allowing the verbs to convey the message.


A sentence has flow and rhythm by using parallel structures within sentences to reflect same ideas. The author knows how to delete vague words, make the discussion tighter by using the right phrases and keep the reader on target.


Voice is an essential element of style that reveals the writer’s personality. A writer’s voice can be indifferent or friendly, authoritative or reflective, objective or passionate, severe or funny.

What are your word choices, sentence structures, and language that you usually use while penning down your thoughts? What is the impact on the reader after they have read your dreams? Are you bothered, anxious or curious about the literary style they have tagged you under?

My Two Cents:

Follow your heart and let your style be carved naturally rather than being intimidated by what others have to say!

Author Ruchira Khanna

About the Author

A biochemist turned writer who gathers inspiration from the society where she writes about issues that stalk the mind of the man via tales of fiction. She projects the mental growth of her characters thus, making her readers tag her work as, “Books that make you ponder!” 
She blogs at Abracabadra which has been featured as “Top Blog” for three years. Her write-ups have been published on LifeHack, HubPages to name a few.

Get your copy of How to Weave a Theme into your Story here:


Author. Traveller. Body positive. Mental health advocate. Bengali vegetarian. Cat mother. @UofR alum.

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