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Meet the Author: Debeshi Gooptu

Debeshi Gooptu

Hi everyone. I am excited to have the prolific and talented Debeshi Gooptu on my blog today. She is the author of many short stories and multiple books and shares my love for cake and other sweet things — as I found out during our interactions on Twitter. Well, let’s learn more about her 🙂

Sue: Thanks for making the time to be here, Debeshi.

From journalist to author – tell us about your journey.

Debeshi: Thanks for featuring me on your book blog Sue. I’m really honoured.

It’s been a long, long journey from being a journalist to an author. While I’ve been writing for most of my life, I started blogging only in 2013 and my first book, which was a collection of stories from my blog that I self-published, came out in 2015.

Sue: You have written a retelling of one of Jane Austen’s works. How did that happen and tell us about the book.

Debeshi: Mr Eashwar’s Daughter, is a modern re-telling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I was commissioned by my publisher Juggernaut Books to write it last year. It was an exciting assignment as I’m a Jane Austen fan and it was challenging to rewrite a classic in the modern milieu keeping the flavour and essence intact. I hope I have been able to pull it off!

Sue: You have published many short stories and you have explored the humor genre too with Dragon Aunty Returns. Which genre do you enjoy writing most?

Debeshi: I think writing humour and satire comes naturally to me. That said, writing short stories is hugely fulfilling as well.

Sue: What kind of writing routine do you have? 

Debeshi: I usually work really well when I have a deadline. My routines tend to go haywire because of my day-job which (surprise, surprise) is also writing but of a different kind.

Sue: Here’s a quick fire round. Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.

Your favourite books…

Debeshi: Little Women, Evil Under the Sun, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Sue: Your favourite authors…

Debeshi: Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Anthony Horowitz

Sue: Your favourite fictional hero…

Debeshi: Mr Darcy, Hercule Poirot and Friedrich “Fritz” Bhaer

Sue: Your favourite book series…

Debeshi: Harry Potter, Enchanted Wood and Faraway Tree

Sue: So what can your readers expect from you next?

Debeshi: I am working on a crime fiction novel, something I’ve wanted to write for a long time as crime is my favourite genre as a reader.

Sue: Wow. So crime fiction, another genre to add to your diverse list of works. Good luck!

Debeshi Gooptu’s latest book

Get your copy of Debeshi’s new book here:


Author. Traveller. Body positive. Mental health advocate. Bengali vegetarian. Cat mother. @UofR alum.

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