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Welcome to my book blog!

Hi everyone! Some of you may already be following my other blog at For the others, here is a little bit of information about myself:

I’m a multi-genre author of several books and short stories, the latest being a novella called The Perfect Fake Boyfriend. Before becoming a full time writer and bookworm, I was a print journalist and wrote for various newspapers and magazines in India. When I’m not reading or writing books, I am busy trying to keep my rescue cats happy.

My other blog, Sue’s Space, will still exist. Sue’s Book Blog will be devoted to Book Spotlights, Meet the Author and Cover Reveals. Authors and publishers may contact me via the Contact form on this blog if interested. I reserve the right to say no, so please keep that in mind. Also, I am terrible at writing book reviews and will not be reviewing any books on this blog.

Romance, women’s fiction and literary fiction are my favourite genres. I love children’s books too.

I look forward to filling this blog with cool stuff for my fellow bookworms.



Author. Traveller. Body positive. Mental health advocate. Bengali vegetarian. Cat mother. @UofR alum.

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