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Meet the Author: Rubina Ramesh


I’m excited and honored to have author and book marketing genius Rubina Ramesh with me today. She has created a very supportive community of indie authors and bloggers from scratch and doesn’t hesitate to help new authors who can easily get lost in the challenging world of publishing. Let’s start.

Sue: Thanks for joining us with your crazy schedule. Speaking of which, how do you manage to be such a prolific author along with running The Book Club (TBC)? Any writing rituals you’d like to share with us?

Rubina: Thanks for having me on your blog, Sudesna. Coming from a prolific writer like you, this means a lot. Sometimes even I wonder how I manage. I suppose it’s the passion that I have for marketing. I love it. But yes, my love for writing is taking over precedence over my love for marketing. It took me a while to realize that I can’t be perfect in all the promos I do. Some I let go because I know the author needs and demands more time than I am willing to give. I prefer promoting authors who are marketers themselves. Working in tandem with an author is more fun, than being treated like a PA, which I am not. After I got a clear vision of actually what I can do and what I can’t do, my life became more comfortable. We are expanding in all directions, and you are very much part of our growth too. So thank you, Sue, for always being there.

And routine and me? You know me better than that. I love the chaos I have
around me – always.

Sue: You’re always welcome. I love being a part of such a supportive network of authors.

Now tell us about your latest release Lolita.

Rubina: One day I was watching a documentary on Sunny Leone. She spoke of her parents, and that touched my heart. But on the other hand, I started wondering if it was my daughter would I have forgiven her? And if Sunny is what she is, does that make her an evil woman? Really? Choices are what defines us and choices of others to see what we are – gives us a name tag.

When I met my husband, I was 16 years old. I fell in love. Big deal, one would say today. But during those days, the whispers of the old ladies in our area was something my mother had to endure. Both our parents had to face. I was the bad girl. So yes, Lolita is very close to my heart.

Sue: You write short stories as well as longer works. Which format excites you more and why?

Rubina: Short stories are written to capture a moment. A moment of emotion. If I am angry or jealous – a story pops up. If I am in a happy, out comes a happy tale. But long stories are more from life, experience, and imagination. More than often a combination of all. So it excites me more. I love creating my characters and make them do things, and I could only dream of in my life. I am the ‘sutradhar’, the puppeteer and it has almost
a godlike feel. I think most of us authors, love that.

Sue: I hear you!

Now share some expert advice with us please.

Authors – whether self-published or traditionally published – have to spend lots of time and effort on building their author brand. What’s your advice to new authors on this?

Rubina: Sue, this is one question which I have answered so many times, yet many ignore it. But I will still keep on saying it for I genuinely believe in it. One of the biggest things is the presentation. How an author presents herself or himself. Can you imagine going to a party in your nightgown? Similarly, why can’t an author ‘dress’ their books up publishing? What’s so hard about getting a well-designed cover? If you don’t want to spend, go to fiver. You get beautiful cover designers there for just $7. Secondly, keep a logo and the look of the book similar to each other. Not same but identical about the elements on the books. That helps a lot.

Getting a professional editor, proofreader is essential too. End of the day, a
book is your product. Treat it with respect and love. Don’t showcase a
shoddy job for it’s an insult to your readers too.

Sue: Time for a quick fire round.

Your current read

Rubina: Upcoming book by Sundari Venkatraman

Sue: Your favourite authors

Rubina: Nora Roberts, Sidney Sheldon, Sundari Venkatraman and Adite Banerjie.

Sue: Your favourite fictional heroines

Rubina: Harry Potter and Edward Cullen 😛

Sue: What can your readers expect from you next?

Rubina: Homecoming is a teenage romance gone wrong and
Consumed by Fire (tentative title) a mythological hot romance.

Sue: Good luck, Rubina! 🙂

Lolita by Rubina Ramesh cover11 (1)

Get Rubina’s latest book here:


Author. Traveller. Body positive. Mental health advocate. Bengali vegetarian. Cat mother. @UofR alum.

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