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Meet the Author: Ruchi Singh


I welcome author Ruchi Singh to my blog today. We talk writing, books, and of course, her recently released bestseller – The Bodyguard.

Sue: Hi Ruchi. Thanks for joining us today.

You’re back with a new book that’s already climbing up the Amazon charts ! Tell us about it. How is it different from your previous books?

Ruchi: The new release ‘The Bodyguard’ is a romantic suspense while others fall purely under Romance genre. ‘The Bodyguard’ is completely different from my previous novels; in the earlier releases I have touched upon the social issues prevalent in India, while this one is a pure crime and mystery plot, spiced up with romance and action.

Sue: Do you believe in writer’s block? Do you have any writing rituals that help you overcome writing block?

Ruchi: Yes, I do. Though I object to the term ‘writer’s block’. It should be called something like ‘writer’s break’, because block gives it a connotation of something external which is blocking the writer’s mind. But it’s not so. It’s our own mind and habits which lead to a break in writing. Creative people can’t be creative all the time, so they need a break. But be careful, too long a break leads to laziness and procrastination, then it becomes difficult to get into the groove again.

The ritual that I believe in, which I too find difficult to follow at times, is to write everyday at the same time even if one writes only 200 – 300 words.

Sue: Yes, the daily writing habit works wonders. Anything is better than a zero word count, I say.

So, what in your opinion is the best part of being a writer today?

Ruchi: The best part of being a writer today is that we have an option and easy means to self-publish. As a person who doesn’t like anyone to control my routine, it is the perfect solution. It gives me complete freedom to control all aspects of publishing my book as per my schedule.

Sue: Do you have a muse? What inspires you to keep on writing?

Ruchi: No, I don’t have any unique muse. Or one can say my muse changes with each book that I write, because I feel my characters become my muse(s). My characters inspire and take me forward as the story progresses.

Sue: Time for a quick fire round

Your favourite authors

Ruchi: John Grisham, Georgette Heyer, Judith McNaught

Sue: Your favourite genre to read

Ruchi: Romantic thrillers, Romance

Sue: Your favourite book hero

Ruchi: Eve Dallas from JD Robb ‘In Death’ series.

Sue: What can your readers expect from you next?

Ruchi: Well, I am writing another romantic-thriller, and am also working on a collection of short stories based around the lives of women around us.

Sue: Wow! I hope it isn’t a long wait.

Thanks for joining us today 🙂


Look at that sexy cover, folks!

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