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Meet the Author: Paromita Goswami

M3_06260Today, I have another prolific indie author with me. Paromita Goswami’s books and short stories cover multiple genres. She’s also active in the indie author community, making sure that all self published authors get the attention that they deserve on social media. Let’s find out more about her.

Sue: Thanks for joining us today.

You’re a multi-genre author. Tell us what made you start writing in each genre. Which genre is your favourite to write?

Paromita: Thanks for the interview, Sue.

I am glad you addressed me as a multi-genre author. Sounds very good actually. So far, I have written literary fiction, a children’s book and paranormal too. Frankly, all the genres have their own set of readers.  I would be very lucky if I have the same readers for all of my books.  But it’s not always possible. However, I do consider myself lucky that my readers have accepted me as I am.

While writing a book for each genre I have never made any game plans. Or rather you can say, I am not a planner type. I write what strikes me first and I cannot multitask into different genres at one time. For me, one has to end for a fresh new start. So sometimes it may make the readers unhappy. However, I am trying to improve on this.

I always love dramas. So literary fiction is my home ground. I switched to other genres because of my storytelling . In all my works you will always find a tinge of drama.

Sue: I love reading and writing short stories, so I read one of yours recently. You have published multiple short stories. What do you think is special about the short story genre?

Paromita: I love short reads. Small, quick and you are done! I stepped into this genre in my initial days of writing. A challenge to complete your story in a 1000-1500 words. I used to find it very difficult. Because you have to tell a story, sketch a character and also conclude it in the given limit. I think that’s where the real storytelling art lies. If a person can do that, the story will be engraved in the reader’s mind forever.

Sue: These days you hear authors complaining that they have to spend more time marketing than writing their books. How important would you say is marketing in an author’s life?

Paromita: Very important question Sue. I think every author has to be a good marketeer besides being a good author. Whether you are traditionally published or self published, in the end what counts is the sales of your book. And with so many books being published in the same genre every day the competition is really very tough.  So if you are a good marketing person then there is better chance that your book is more visible and that will eventually turn into sales.

Sue: What or who inspires you to write your stories?

Paromita: I mostly write stories based on true life events. It can be current or something in the past. But it has to be factual for me to weave a plot around it. Like my first book Shamsuddin’s Grave is based on illegal migrants from Bangladesh. My second book, Grow Up Messy! is inspired by the era of the early eighties when there was no T.V and childhood was more fun playing outside and exploring new things unlike the kids of today’s generation. The short stories, The Wedding Gift is about a social stigma attached with women while The Santa’s Gift explores the joy of giving.

My upcoming work, The Clockmaker, is a paranormal supernatural part of my jungle series inspired by the tribal communities of jungles in Chhattisgarh.

Sue: Wow, Paromita! Your stories are so diverse.

Time for a quick fire round

Your favourite authors

Paromita: Khaled Hosseini is my current favourite . I have also discovered a few Indian indie writers who have touched my heart – Sumeetha Manikandan, Rubina Ramesh, Adite Banarjie, Ruchi Singh, Preethi Venugopala, Ruchira Khanna, and I love your latest short story too!

Sue: I’m so happy to hear this. Thank you.

Now tell me your favourite fictional book character

Paromita: Messy aka Misry from Grow Up Messy!

Sue: What can we expect from you next? Tell us a bit about the next book/story.

Paromita: Get ready to be assaulted  – Jungle Series.

Sue: And what about a message for your readers and fans?

Paromita: Hugs and a big thank you!

The Wedding Gift-2Buy Paromita’s latest short story here:

Thanks for joining us 🙂


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