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Meet the Author: Devika Fernando


I am delighted to have the prolific, inspiring Devika Fernando with me here today. She is one of those fellow writers who I have been dying to meet in person. Well, hopefully some day soon when I venture out to see beautiful Sri Lanka. For now, here is more about Devika.

Sue: You’re quite the prolific writer! Tell us about your writing routine.

Devika: Thank you! I make it a point to write every day, divided into non-fiction for my job and fiction for one of my books. Considering writing not just as a hobby helps me be disciplined and manage decent word counts. I don’t have any ‘writing rituals’ per se, but I need a glass of water nearby and preferably silence (purring cats or snoring dogs are allowed, though).

Sue: Your books enable readers to travel all over the world. Do you travel a lot yourself?

Devika: It’s funny that you should ask – because my only kind of traveling is the virtual kind. Having grown up in Germany but also having Sri Lankan roots meant mostly traveling to and fro between these two countries. Besides, I get motion sick easily, so I don’t even make many in-country journeys. I do love ‘armchair travel’ however, via stories that I read and write. I’ve already set books in countries such as England, America, Spain, Sri Lanka, the Maldives as well as fictitious countries, and I’m planning to write stories taking place in Italy and Canada, too. It’s the fascination of exploring different landscapes, mentalities and cultures that I love about international and interracial romances.

Sue: Tell us about your latest book.

Devika: I recently released “Tantalizing Temptations”, Book 1 of the Inn Love series. The series encompasses books that can be read as stand-alone romances with a happy ending. Each book is set in a bed & breakfast in a different country. TT tempts the reader with a single mother with her daughter, a dashing English gentleman, and a lovely cottage. Book 2, which I’m currently working on, focuses on a famous movie star in hiding, a teacher, and a log cabin in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Sue: What’s the best part about being an author?

Devika: Getting lost in stories, creating characters and worlds that come alive. And the ‘armchair travel’ mentioned above. 😉

Sue: What are the challenges of being an indie author?

Devika: The competition is HUGE, and there is still a bit of a stigma left among readers when it comes to self-published authors as opposed to vanity-published authors. Also, flexibility goes hand in hand with a big responsibility as you need to take care of every aspect, not just the actual writing.

Sue: Let’s do a quick fire round, okay?

Your favourite authors

Devika: Michael Ondaatje, Anne Rice, Jane Austen, Nora Roberts

Sue: Your favourite genre to read

Devika: Romance in its many forms

Sue:  Your favourite book hero

Devika: I’m torn between Mr. Darcy and the vampire Lestat.

Sue: Any message for your readers before we sign off?

Devika: You’re truly awesome. Thank you for reading my books and being a part of my fantasies. I hope you’ll stick with me in the future – and hopefully also leave a review if you enjoy my novels because that’s so very important for us indie authors.


Grab your copy of Devika’s latest book here:

Amazon buy link:
See you soon!


Author. Traveller. Body positive. Mental health advocate. Bengali vegetarian. Cat mother. @UofR alum.

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