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Meet the Author: Adite Banerjie


Hi everyone! Today I have the honor of bringing you closer to Adite Banerjie. A screenwriter, author of many books, and an animal lover. A true mentor and a talented writer, let’s learn more about her.

Sue: Thank you for joining us today, Adite. How does it feel to be back in the limelight with your recent release?

Adite: Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Sue.

It feels great to have a book out but what feels even better is that it is being read!

Sue: Of course it will be read with your fan following!

What made you switch to the self-publishing route after three traditionally published books?

Adite: Actually, it’s been five years since my first book was published by Harlequin. With every new release, I’d hoped that my books would be marketed better by the publishers. But every time my hopes were dashed. The lack of support from the publisher, combined with the non-transparent way in which they functioned, was sapping my creative energy. I didn’t feel like writing any more. That’s when I decided to go indie.

Sue: Tell us a bit about your new book.

Adite: Destiny’s Girl is the new title for my first book The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal, which was published by Harlequin. I have given it a new cover and edited it a bit. But the story remains unchanged which is about a girl’s desire for revenge against the man who destroyed her family. She falls in love with her enemy’s son and is now in a quandary. Will revenge triumph over love?

Sue: What can your readers expect from you next? Any new books in the making? Scripts?

Adite: I am planning to re-release my previously published books (Trouble has a new Name and No Safe Zone) with new covers. There is a new romantic-comedy manuscript in the works. I also have a sequel to Destiny’s Girl planned which should be out hopefully by end of 2018. It will tell Rohan and Natasha’s story who were seen briefly in Destiny’s Girl. Am also working on a family drama/coming of age screenplay.

Sue: Wow! That’s a lot of work on your plate.

Let’s do a quick fire round of your favourites, okay?

Your favourite romance authors

Adite: Sarah Morgan, Sophie Kinsella, Kelly Oram

Sue: Your favourite genre to read

Adite: Thrillers

Sue: Your favourite place to write

Adite: My dining table

Sue: What’s your message for aspiring authors?

Adite: Read a lot, Write a lot and work on your craft. And most importantly, believe in yourself.

Destiny-Girl-final-coverBuy link for book here:

Bye for now! 🙂



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