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Meet the Author: Reet Singh


Hi everyone! Today starts my Meet the Author series of blog posts where you will get to meet some of the coolest authors I’ve had the privilege of interacting with. I am starting with the gorgeous, versatile, and FABULOUS Reet Singh.

Last October, I had the pleasure of meeting Reet at the Noida Lit Fest. We were co-panelists in a discussion that covered everything from love, marriage to Shah Rukh Khan. Recently, Reet released a new book that you MUST get on your Kindle. Here’s more about that.
Reet: Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I’m truly honored.

Sue: You’re very welcome! Now let’s talk about Shah Rukh Khan. No, I’m kidding.

So Reet, when was your last release and how does it feel to be back in the limelight?

Reet: ‘The Cure was Love’ released in November 2014. Can you imagine? That was eons ago, and now here I am with a new release after all this time! In 2014, I was publishing under the banner of Mills and Boon® – there was great security for a first-time author like me to be traditionally published by the doyen of romance publishing. This time, however, I’m going it on my own, and it is a tiny bit scary. I’ve been inspired by other self-published authors like you, Sue, so thank you for that.

No Escape from Love’ has been out for a few days now and I’m thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. In fact, my pre-self publishing dread has given way to post-self-published delight. I highly recommend going indie!

Sue: I’m glad you’re happy with your decision to try a new process. But tell me, what made you switch to the self publishing route after two traditionally published books?

Reet: I loved being a Mills and Boon® author; however, when they sold to Harper Collins, I felt like I was adrift. I had been quite set on being with Mills and Boon® for life, churning out book after book after book, but when the ownership changed, I was forced to reconsider my choices. I am glad in a way, really glad that this cross-road moment came to me. I currently am convinced that I am going to be greatly happy with the decision to go Indie.

Sue: So as most of us in the publishing world know that you’re a doctor along with being a writer, we sometimes wonder how you manage to do it all so flawlessly. How is it balancing a doctor’s career with a writer’s life?

Reet: Ophthalmology is my passion and writing is my passion, too – so it is not hard. When a task is rewarding in an emotional or spiritual sense – not necessarily financially – then it makes sense to pursue it. Doctors are eminently suited to writing. They are surrounded by conflict, and they see so much raw emotion – happiness, anguish, relief, and pain that they must write about it to make sense of it. Some choose to write about things that are diametrically opposite to what they see in their professional lives, like romance, because it soothes their souls. I wrote something about it once – perhaps, Sue, your readers would like to read Why Doctors are Eminently Suited to Writing Fiction.

Sue: Wow. I had never thought of that relationship between the two professions. Tell us a bit about your new book.

Reet: My book is about two conflicted individuals who are drawn together by strange circumstances. Here is the blurb:

Will the demons from their past tear them apart?

After personal tragedy strikes, Mohini Kapoor runs away from the city to her grandparents home in a village in Punjab. Though she manages to pick up the pieces of her broken self, and even builds a life for herself, the horror of her experience is difficult to forget. She buries it deep down inside her subconscious mind until the arrival of a stranger threatens to resurrect the old demons.

Reputed photojournalist, Aalok Ahuja, has to hide out for a few days to escape circumstances beyond his control. When his friend recommends Tejopur, a remote village in Punjab, Aalok expects life to be simple there and, perhaps, even boring – instead, his world is thrown into chaos by a woman more desirable, and vastly more complicated, than any he has ever known.

When their destinies collide, attraction flares, but secrets threaten their new found feelings.

Sue: Time for a quick fire round

Your favourite authors

Reet: Georgette Heyer, PG Wodehouse

Sue:  Your favourite genre to read

Reet: Romance/Comedy

Sue: Your favourite place to write

Reet: In bed

Sue: That was fun! Do you have a message for your readers who have been waiting eagerly for a new book?

Reet: I love you, dear Readers – you inspire me to write more and to try and get better at the craft with each book. Please leave reviews for your favorite books and tell the authors what works for you and what you love about their stories.

reet book


Book buy link:


Lots of love from Reet and Sue 🙂



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  1. Congratulations Sue for this new series, fabulous question round.
    Congratulations Reet, I just got your book yesterday on my Kindle, and I am eager to read it. I missed your books.
    All the very best ladies.

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